As Bowie said: we’ve got five years, what a surprise! But, our brains don’t hurt yet and that is not all we got! 5 YEARS NOW!! And we are still pleased to bring you that good fun with that good music.

FREE party! And FREE burritos (vegan). And Happy Hour!

We will have a live performance from the talented boys of ENTRADA and some fun DJs sets from a few of our DJs over the years. Expect some House, Indie, Techno, Hip Hop, 90s, etc.

Time: 7:30pm till late (doors are actually open from 7:00 and we go late.Ruby Room is open till the morning)
Happy Hour goes till 8pm and you can get drinks for 300 yen!!!

ENTRADA (very talented artsy indie rock tunes)

Hang the DJ
New Brute
Nils McFly – one of the founding fathers of Berlin!
I am Jesse – if you haven’t heard this guy play, you are missing out! He has been in it forever and has consistently been a part of quality events in Tokyo over the years.

Our Mission: make fun events with quality music for free during the week. We are at Ruby Room every 3rd Thursday.

And if you are wondering about the background a bit – long story short:
I (Mark) was living in Germany a long time ago and I was impressed by the nightlife there and especially by the city of Berlin. You can always find awesome stuff there and you don’t have to spend your pay check to do it. Also Thursday night is such the party night there and I had an amazing time while living there.

Fast forward to 2012 when Tokyo was going through an interesting time. I had been partying a lot but I was often disappointed with the music and the variety. Plus it was expensive. And it seemed a lot of the good events were dying or had already past. And still there was not much going on during the week except for an event here and there. Nothing centrally located for free either. Then there was the No Dancing Law being enforced.
In addition, it was almost impossible to get some decent Mexican food and when you could it was over priced and you couldn’t get it late at night.

Nils and I talked in early 2013 and we decided to have a free event on a Thursday and invite all the local DJs we knew to do their thing. And we would serve tacos!! It all started at Beat Cafe in Shibuya and we had some super fun parties there and even hosted a few headliners (remember that time when Gold Panda played?). We did some craft beer parties before it was even a thing. And got Beat to start serving Brew Dog 🙂 See the good times here: Berlin PARTY

You might wonder why tacos and not kebabs? Well it would have been much harder to make kebabs and you can easily get those in Shibuya (although those are not even good lol!). Also I’m from California and I was feeling the lack of good Mexican. This was years before all of the newer Mexican places opened up. Yet eventually we moved from selling the tacos (pain in the ass to handle the money, prepare the food, DJ, etc.) to giving them away for free.
Still I was noticing the quality of tacos was not so good because I had to prepare the stuff and bring a lot of equipment. I wanted to keep them authentic with corn tortillas, so I needed a way to warm them up. Meat took a while to cook and it was expensive. I felt like I gave out some pretty bad tacos sometimes. And many people new to tacos didnt know you had to eat them quickly, and so a lot of broken tortillas and wasted money.
Later we moved to burritos because the flour tortillas are cheaper and easier to handle but also we could easily make them quick, tasty and vegan. Still hard to get vegan stuff in Tokyo. And yes the burritos are still free!

Eventually we were limited with what we could do at Beat due to the space and layout. We moved to Ruby Room after two years where people could actually get into the bar, get a drink, use the toilet, and dance lol! We could also put on live shows which was also bothering me at the time. Why do we need to pay 2,500 yen to see local bands or our friends play. And why do the shows have to start and end so early?

So for the past three years we have been partying at Ruby and really enjoying it. Soon after moving to Ruby, Jordan became part of the team and he has really helped boost the event and keep it going strong. Er ist ein Berliner!!

We have had some pretty awesome performers and a wide variety of stuff going on. We have helped people get into the scene in Tokyo and we have helped people traveling through showcase their music while passing through. We just co-hosted HW&W records performers Pomo and others just last month!

So spread the word about what we are doing and come be a part of it. No need to spend all your time working and watching Netflix. No need to pay too much for good DJs and bands. And while you are partying, no need to go out for ramen – we got some burritos for you.

Bands and DJs connect with us if you are looking for a place to play. We are always trying to make Tokyo more diverse and fun.

Finally, if you don’t know Ruby, it is one of the best venues in Tokyo. And they have been lovely with us. So even if you can’t come out on a Thursday, check it out sometime!

See you then!