2018/5/21(mon)@Ruby Room, Shibuya, Tokyo

door only 1,000yen (no drink charge)
21:30-Confusion Master

◆Confusion Master◆
electric sabbath action doom deep down soaked in a time spiral measuring equal parts 70ies sabbath proto rock riffage in a loop scheme backbeat groove formula and tritonus stoner weed scales confusion master has been brought to life in autumn 2015 in houses of weird homes close to the northern misty shores of baltic sea named to rostock germany. supposed to the way it should be 4 dudes from the punk metal circuit sharing beloved issues of sound, misanthrophy, diy values and vintage gear. first show set to march 2016 supporting primitive man and magrudergrind things got kickstarted ever since quickly. 25 shows done until autumn 2016. tours and shows lined up with the likes of dopethrone, spitting nails, crowskin, bongzilla, beehover or black shape of nexus confusion master are set to spread the word fast.
4 track demotape cassette called “witch pollution” got released in autumn 2016 through sensitive wormrile and wifagena records sold out quick same as its repress in a die hard edition of 200 copies. the quartet quickly joined Tokyo’s Guevnna on european soil for 12 shows in april 2017 and went straight into their band devoted session.studio recording their 1st full length containing a total of 7 bangers of pentatonic crushing doom grooves and key minor cascades clocking in about 60 minutes. “awaken” will get released on cd& digital through japans finest bonten records as well as on vinyl through germanys exile on mainstream records set for spring 2018. the release schedule will accompanied by more touring. japan cd release tour teaming up again w.guevnna may 21-26 and a european run w. southern lord chicago based like rats sep 7-16.
Confusion master share key members with cyness, wojczech, bad luck rides on wheels, aequatorkaelte and total panic reaction past or present.
Confusion master main focus lies in reduction in every possible way thinkable musically and ethically down to the core. existentialism, escapism and the horror of the individual existence within.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/confusionmasterdoom/
Bandcamp: https://wifagenarecords.bandcamp.com/album/wr-45-confusion-master-witch-pollution

GUEVNNA formed in 2011 and immediately started retooling the established sound of the up-and-coming Japanese Doom scene. Until that point, there had been a relatively concrete, though perhaps iconic, sound practiced only by a handful of heavy hitters (we’ll let you guess who) which, while heavy as hell, rarely strayed far from the formula.
GUEVNNA has spent the last 5 years developing a new approach to that established “1st wave” sound of Japanese Doom. Apparent in their first EP, 2015’s “Conspiracies”, it was obvious that they had plans to forcefully evolve that sound.
To that end, “Conspiracies” consisted of 4 tracks which introduced us to the concept of really catchy Doom, dance-y even, but 2016’s 1st full length “Heart of Evil” shows that evolution really taking form. Equal parts The Almighty Riff and “Holy Hell, I gotta move to this”, the selection on “Heart of Evil” may vary in tempo from track to track but one thing is common amongst them all: GUEVNNA’s astounding ability to take the mesmerizing “Heavy, Sludgy but Danceable” sound and make you want to run with it.
And that’s really their focus: take this music and do something with it. While there are no lyrics listed in the whole package that is Heart of Evil, it does feature the excellent artwork of ANUSTES — one piece for each song — making it not so much Choose Your Own Adventure as Choose Your Own (definition of) Doom. GUEVNNA is a band that, with their infectious grooves and (for lack of a better term) fun-as-fuck live show, give the audience what amounts to a call to action: get our their and rock all the way to the end.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/guevnnaband/
Bandcamp: https://guevnna.bandcamp.com/

The boys from Floaters are known for three things: their epic beards, the damn fine beer they brew over at Yokohama’s Thrash Zone, and their heavy unrelenting Stoner Doom. Fresh off their release of their debut full length “Waiting for Amnesty”, this Yokohama based trio continue to dominate every gig they perform at. Monolithic grooves interspersed with mosh inspiring riffs while vocalist Mossa spits verses out with nihilistic glee with a timbre that sounds like he downs his whiskey with broken glass. There’s a reason “Waiting for Amnesty” is on Kaala’s top releases for 2017. But don’t take our word for it, if you haven’t experienced their crushing live performance yet, get out there and head bang until your nose bleeds.  - Kaala

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/floaters.japan/
Bandcamp: https://floatersjapan.bandcamp.com/