6.25(mon)@Ruby Room, Tokyo
FREE GIG (2drinks charge 1,000yen)

20:00-Magdalene Junen
21:20-Roujin No Shigoto

◆Roujin No Shigoto◆
I first saw 老人の仕事 (Roujin no Shigoto, translated to Old Man’s Work in English) last year, I wasn’t entirely sure what to expect as the three-piece took to the stage wearing brown rags and what appeared to be a few accessories and jewelry made from garbage and refuse. They looked like a band of nomads from the post-apocalyptic future. Whatever their theme was, it didn’t matter, because then the chanting began. Within minutes they started to lay down some absolutely monolithic Stoner Doom riffs. I became a Roujin (as we call them around these parts) fan that night. I picked up a copy of their self-titled CD as soon as I could and I wasn’t disappointed. Like other bands, Roujin creates different moments that are meditative and groovy. Though this is fairly typical of the genre, what makes Roujin so good is their ability to convey pause and silence. Moments of silence between the groove that can signal a change in tempo or introduce entirely new riffs to the song. It’s a similar feeling to realizing that the background noise has vanished or turning off of a busy street onto a quiet one. Those moments when the atmosphere changes palpably. This is what sets Roujin apart from other bands. Though it is obvious on their self-titled release, it’s more prevalent live. And judging by their stage performance, this is very much by design. So if you’re a fan of Sleep and Stoner Doom in general, get out there and catch Roujin’s captivating live performance as soon as possible! -Jharrod (Kaala)

◆Magdalene Junen◆
2018. 2.26, for the first time in ten years! The third full album released.
Album titles “Jin-gai Kitan”, 6 songs. There is a secret track.
“Jin-gai Kitan ” the meaning is The story of outcast, songs comforting humans who are not human beings.

This album is a concept album that launched Japanese indigenous dark side in Doom Rock. This album has earned support from domestic and foreign maniac fans before release. Currently on sale at Disk Union, Band Camp, i-tunes etc.

12-inch analog record will also be released from GoatowaRex.

“Jingai Kitan” album review by Kaala: https://www.kaala.jp/blog/2018/02/16/tragic-and-hungry-ghosts-magdalene-ju-nens-jin-gai-kitan/
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