ATTENTION: The talk show will be a World Cup Special! With representatives from Europe, Africa and the Americas! And the show will be followed by the Japan v Poland game on the screens 🙂 🙂 🙂 Come and join us

Presenting: The Evolution of Double Fisting

Set List Comedy & The Stand Up Tokyo Sit-Down
Two Comedy Shows in one! Improvised, on-the-spot stand up and a talk show recorded LIVE for our monthly podcast.
Ruby Room – Thursday 28th June – 8pm show start
2000¥ entry (includes two drinks tickets)
This show is in English

This show is still going strong! But we’ve learned that, while audiences LOVE our four-comic talk show where the audience gets involved in the discussion, they hated the vaguely sexual and extremely aggressive name, Double Fisting.

So we’ve changed it! Well, sort of. We’ve really just got rid of a ‘name’ entirely because that’s sooo old-fashioned. But we have integrated the first half as Set List Comedy, where comedians improvise stand up on the spot from topics that THEY HAVE NEVER SEEN BEFORE OR WILL AGAIN.

What’s more, it’s only 2000¥ with TWO that’s right TWO drinks included, so you get a great deal, plus you have to get at least a little tipsy.

Line-up: TBA

Ruby Room is an awesome venue and we know you’ll love this show. It’s unmissable really. Plus we’ll be showing the Japan v Poland game on the TVs. Come and get a ticket on the door!