Alternative Current Presents
DELANEY DAVIDSON (from New Zealand)

OCTOBER 18th (Friday)
19: 00 ~ 23: 00
¥ 1600 (1 drink included)

Shibuya, Dogenzaka, 2-15-17, Kasumi Bld

With Support From:
● Rip Van Winkle
-Japanese punk rock duo

● Rosie Lewis-Dunn (w / Kenji Azuma on Percussion)
-acoustic singer / song writter

● Robert Taira Wilson
– alternative folk singer, songwiter

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NZ Arts Foundation Laureate Recipient 2015, Winner of the 2013 New Zealand Music Awards Country Album of the Year, Three-time winner of the APRA New Zealand Country Music Song Of The Year, 2012, 2013, 2014, Voodoo Rhythm One
Man Band World Champion Zurich 2011, Saddest Song World Champion Berlin 2010. Well known for his hypnotic and original One man and his Ghost Orchestra show, enigmatic multi-instrumentalist Delaney Davidson both defines and commands his own unique realm in the shadowy musical world some call ‘Country -Noir ‘or’ Gothic Americana ‘.
His work also extends into production notably Tami Neilsons breakthrough album Dynamite and seminal work with Marlon Williams and his Sad But True Album series.He has worked with Harry Lyon, Barry Saunders, Bruce Russell, and continues to search for the challenge and adventure in both music and his
own expression.Singer
-Songwriter, Noir Protagonist, Promotional Coyote, One-Man Band, Production Svengali.Part wandering minstrel, part traveling salesman, one foot on the stage and one in the road.Nine solo albums out and always one on the
way.Over fifteen years of tireless touring across oceans and continents. Awards here.Collaboration there.A non-stop whirlwind.

His inspirations range from Hank Williams and Howlin ‘Wolf to The Birthday Party, from Johnny Cash through Suicide to Buster Keaton.Reveling in the darker side of things, Davidson’s lyrical content dredges up classic murder ballads, songs with a deep insight into the human condition , and hypnotic trance takes on old blues classics.All liberally laced with an abiding sympathy for human quirks, failure, foibles and triumphs.His rumpled stage persona combines an unconventional and unforgettable voice with a wry and twisted sense of humor.

5 Stars-Independent, UK

One of New Zealands Best songwriters-Brett Sparks, Handsome Family

Sublime Raw and Original-Blues and Soul Magazine, Uk

Familiar yet properly outsider, modern yet somehow classic- Examiner USA

About DeLaney Davidson:
NZ Arts Foundation 2015 Honor Award, 2013 New Zealand Music Awards Country Album of the Year, APRA New Zealand Country Music Song Of The Year, 2012, 2013, 2014, 3rd consecutive year, Voodoo Rhythm One Man Band 2011 World Champion in Zurich, Saddest Song 2010 World Champion in Berlin.

Mysterious multi-instrumentalist, Delaney Davidson, known as a hypnotic and original solo performer as if with a ghost orchestra. His dark musical world view is defined by himself as “Country Noir” or “Gothic Americana”.
He continues to explore new expressions through the production of Tami Neilsons’ album Dynamite, Marlon Williams and his Sad But True Album series, and collaboration with Harry Lyon, Barry Saunders and Bruce Russell.

Singer / songwriter, uninvited hero, sales coyote, one-man band, puppets obsessed with music production, bard, traveling salesman, one leg on the stage and the other leg on the street. Nine solo albums have been released so far, and the pace of production is not known to decline. For more than 15 years, I have toured the world and won awards without knowing tiredness, worked for collaboration, and I do not know that the disappearance will stop.

His sources of inspiration range from Hank Williams, Howlin ‘Wolf, The Birthday, Johnny Cash, and Buster Keaton. Davidson’s world view of poetry is reminiscent of a murderous classic ballad, a song that sings a profound thought of a human being, and a hypnotic floating feeling in the old blues. Unintentional actions, failures, faults, achievements, and universal empathy for them are intertwined freely. The persona on his crumpled stage superbly overlaps with his rare and unforgettable voice of agony and distorted humor.

・ 5 stars-Independent, UK
・ One of New Zealand’s best songwriters-
Brett Sparks, Handsome Family
・ Noble and original-
Blues and Soul Magazine, Uk
Closer but outsider, modern but somehow classic
-Examiner US